Protection and beautification: Enjoy peace of mind while safeguarding your home with custom hurricane impact doors in West Palm Beach, Jupiter and Wellington, FL.

Transform the look of your home with an impact rated front door makeover. A more inviting front entry makes a statement, a focal point to your residence. 


Windpact Windows and Doors provides beautiful custom category 5+ hurricane rated impact doors options for every homeowner’s budget. Adding a touch of personal style will add character and curb appeal for years to come.

We offer custom impact rated front entry doors, sliding glass doors, French doors, bifold doors, pivot doors, composite fiberglass doors and more.

Our hurricane impact door products are lab tested to the highest standards of hurricane protection available. Feeling inspired? Get connected now with our product specialists to see how we can transform your door to a new customized look you can be proud of. Benefits of Installing Impact Doors in Your West Palm Beach, Jupiter and Wellington, FL Home.

For those who enjoy the sun and spending time outside all year, the Sunshine State is an excellent place to call home. However, Florida is also the state with the highest number of tropical storms and hurricanes.

Sadly, many South Florida homeowners don’t give much thought to the safety and security of their exterior doors. Still, it’s essential to have durable and energy-efficient impact doors. After all, it’s your home’s first line of defense against potential storm damage and intruders.

Why Should You Install hurricane Impact Doors in West Palm Beach, Jupiter and Wellington, FL?

The most significant benefit hurricane impact doors provide Floridians is increased protection from hurricanes and intruders. They also significantly reduce noise and improve energy efficiency.

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Storm Doors: Your Shield Against Hurricane Forces

Hurricanes are typically accompanied by high winds, flying debris, and water infiltration. Storm doors are made from thicker materials that can withstand high impact and pressure.

Hurricane-proof doors, as opposed to standard entry doors, use impact-resistant glass that is extremely difficult to shatter. In case it cracks the glass splints and adheres to a sticky inner layer, allowing it to remain securely in place.


Cooler Homes, Higher Value: The Benefits of Storm Doors

Storm doors are tightly sealed and sturdy to withstand hurricanes. They prevent the hot Florida sun and its heat from raising your inside temperature and increasing your cooling cost.


Secure and Save: Hurricane Doors for Home Protection

The extra strong framing on our hurricane doors makes it difficult for burglars to shatter them. The majority of them have shatter-resistant glass qualities. Hurricane doors, despite the fact that they could splinter on impact, do not shatter to allow anyone to enter due to their laminated or tempered construction.


Insurance Perks: How Storm Doors Impact Your Premiums

Some insurance companies view higher-strength hurricane protection as an upgrade in safety and security, thereby offering lower rates on your monthly premium.


Raise Resale Value: The Appeal of Impact Doors in Florida Homes

Installing storm-resistant doors in your home can increase its resale value. The added strength of impact doors will appeal to would-be South Florida home buyers, thereby fetching you a higher price.

How Windpact Windows and Doors

CAN HELP in West Palm Beach, Jupiter and Wellington, FL

Keeping your home safe during a storm need not be overwhelming. Installing hurricane impact windows is one of the vital steps to keeping your home safe during a storm. The windows can provide your home with the utmost protection from harsh weather elements and keep out intruders.

Here at Windpact Windows and Doors, we can help you choose the best impact windows against hurricanes and thefts for your South Florida home. You will benefit from our team’s vast experience in choosing and installing the right windows for your home at a reasonable price.

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