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Impact Windows and Doors In Stock Now in South Florida

Our state-of-the-art impact windows and doors are designed to protect you and your home from the impact of flying debris during a severe tropical storm or hurricane. You and your home’s safety is our top priority which is why we utilize the highest quality materials possible. 

The team at Windpact works closely with homeowners in South Florida to really understand what type of home you have and what type of protection you are looking for. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff can guide you through the process to make sure you have a full understanding of the protection and security that our impact windows and doors provide.

Browse through our In-Stock now products to get a feel of what you may like and what you may not like when it comes to impact windows and doors. Reach out to our friendly staff if you have any further questions! 

Types of Impact Windows and Doors In Stock Now:

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Sliding Glass Impact Doors

As the name implies, these impact doors slide to open making them an excellent option for more space and ventilation. Typically, these impact doors have upper and lower tracks that are fitted with one or more glass door panels that open horizontally. Sliding doors are commonly used as an entrance to a patio or backyard.

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Pivot Impact Doors

For those that are looking to modernize their home, pivot impact doors are a very popular option. To hang these pivot impact doors, no hinges are required, which means the door appears to float in the frame – cool right?

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Custom Entry Impact Doors

Do you have a specific design in mind for your impact entry door? We would love to work with you in designing your very own custom entry impact door!

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Single-Hung Impact Windows

This is a popular option due to its affordability and versatility. With a traditional style, the single-hung impact window opens without using any interior or exterior space which is why many customers choose this option for their common living areas.

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Casement Impact Windows

These impact windows are a great option if you are looking for a window that provides excellent ventilation and vertical views. The casement impact window is a single-panel window that is hinged on the right or left side and can be opened by turning a handle. The panel swings outwards when open to allow airflow in.

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Awning Impact Windows

Due to their functionality, these windows are a perfect option if opening your windows requires a reach like a kitchen counter or sink, and also make popular bathroom windows. Awning Impact Windows typically open with a hand crank and are hinged at the top to open outward at the bottom – hence the ‘awning’ name. They provide a clear unobstructed view, and by design can help prevent rain intrusion while remaining open.

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French Impact Doors

This style of impact doors offers an aesthetically pleasing elegance all the while providing functionality and versatility. French impact doors have two hinged doors that swing in or out and can lock right in the middle – however, you can get single panel french doors as well.

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Fiberglass Impact Doors

Fiberglass impact doors are an excellent choice for those looking for an energy-efficient option that can simulate real wood or smooth metal. Due to the door being molded in fiberglass, there is no risk of wood rot, wood refinishing, or steel to rust out. Fiberglass makes a very high-quality impact door while eliminating some challenges of natural wood or real metal.

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Natural Wood Custom Impact Entry Doors

Looking to design a gorgeous custom wood impact entry door? Our experienced team at Windpact is excited to work with you on designing a custom natural wood impact door for you and your home that is both beautiful and suggested for the South Florida climate.

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Horizontal Roller Impact Windows

This option is very similar to a sliding door as it glides horizontally. The horizontal roller impact windows are typically a very popular option for contemporary and modern homes. Like the single-hung impact windows, the horizontal rollers don’t take up much space, making it a perfect option for easy operation and clear views.

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Fixed Picture Impact Windows

This option makes for a very low-maintenance impact window and provides an aesthetically pleasing design with large unobstructed views.

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Fixed Architectural and Transom Impact Windows

These classic fixed impact windows offer a lot of diversity in terms of style and shape while still allowing for more light to flow in with a beautiful view.

A Team of Motivated Professionals

Our team at WindPact works like a well-oiled machine! As a team of dedicated professionals – all with the same drive for reaching success for our company and its customers. WindPact Windows started with a clear goal to provide remarkable quality services to residents from all over the sunshine state and hit the gorund running, earning the trust and reputation form both current and future customers.


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